People think that kitchen renovations are challenging especially when done on the traditionally compact kitchens of older suburban homes or on the cramped space of city apartments.  However there are a lot of designs that can do wonders in doing over a small kitchen space. Although the challenge of making a small kitchen functional and accessible yet picture-perfect at the same time can get overwhelming, the thing is that it can be done. Modern kitchen renovations are now done to make the most of the pitiful state of today’s box-size kitchen space.

There are many options for you to create and transform your miniature kitchen into a fully functional cooking haven. Take inspiration as you make your limited kitchen space work. Regardless of your budget and building restrictions, there are exciting ways to highlight this corner of your home.  Use the internet and shop for ideas to renovate small kitchens.  With the right tips and suggestions, a cutesy design-forward kitchen may be yours.  Here are a few design tips that you can use to bring more out of your small kitchen:

Choose smaller and compact appliances.  There are many companies who are manufacturing compact and space saving appliances that makes small kitchen design easier.

Show off your pots and pans.  To save storage space, you can hang up your pots and pans in a pot rack.  Not only will it  add a homey charm and character to you small kitchen design. It also presents a perfect way to free up cabinet space.

Use appropriate lighting to create the illusion of more space.  Under cabinet lighting or under the counter lighting is a great way of creating an illusion of space.  This design tip will make your kitchen appear larger and more dramatic.

Reduce your clutter and create open shelving.  Display your plates and utensil in an open shelving.  Create a nook under the home’s stairs to tuck in your refrigerator. In effect, you can use the space where your old refrigerator stood, turning it into a mini pantry.

Don’t use too many colors.  Too much color can close in a small space.  Use neutral base colors in combination with citrus tone accents to open up your small kitchen.  You can have fun with the colors, play around with the accent colors and swap in new tones, but please don’t go overboard.

Use old-school lighting.  Create a retro look to add more charm into your kitchen by using pendant lights made from vintage canning jars.

Create an island at the center of the kitchen.  If your kitchen has enough space to spare, have an island at the middle of your kitchen. You don’t actually need to build a new one,. You may use an old rustic wooden table instead of the minimalistic kitchen island types. This area will provide storage for your kitchen essentials. Now that’s a good way of adding functionally stylish accents to your cutesy kitchen space.

Create a big grand window.  A big grand window can make your kitchen appear larger.

Use diagonal floor tiles.  Diagonal floor tiles make your kitchen appear larger.

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