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11 Air Conditioner Tips To Overcome The Summer Heat

What can you do to stay cool when everything else around you is so hot? Summer prepare for the hottest season of the year. A defective air conditioner can bring you so much headache and suffering, so you must prepare ahead to save yourself from a great deal of stress and discomfort when Summer comes.

Turn on your Fans for Better Air Circulation

Introduce the fan as a permanent fixture and appliance in the room where you stay most of the time. If you stay nearby a computer for a significant length of time, make use of a tiny desk fan to keep you cool and comfortable.

Close the Blinds and Curtains

You can begin your efforts with a few easy remedies. Start by closing your blinds and curtains to block the outside heat from making its way inside your home. You can also try adding some bamboo shades or woven screens outside your windows to make sure that the suns blinding light cannot penetrate inside. The most effective measure that can significantly reduce the temperature in your house is to block the light from outside.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you or the rest of your family members are off somewhere most of the day, think of a programmable thermostat as an excellent investment. You can now limit the length of time your air conditioner works every day. It comes with a feature that allows you to program various temperature controls and preset a timer following your schedule all throughout the day. You can now set it to go off in the morning when you leave home for work and then have it back on in the late afternoon or early evening after a days work.

Close the Vents in your Spare Rooms

Do you have vacant rooms in the house that is of no use to anyone? Think of closing the vents and the air conditioners ducts in spare rooms during the summer season. You will greatly benefit with the increased airflow in the rooms that you frequent. Also, you reduce energy costs necessary to reduce the temperature and your air conditioner only needs to cool fewer rooms too.

Use Cotton Sheets on your Bed

You must use fabric that does not promote trapping of heat. Hence, dont think twice about using cotton sheets on your beds. You can stay cool by lowering your body temperature and not entirely focus on the rooms temperature. You can definitely stay cool and enjoy a good nights sleep.

Turn your Ceiling Fans Counterclockwise

Are you aware that the concept of air circulation is backed up by science? Try looking up at your homes ceiling fan and notice the switch on its side that is seldom touched and wonder what its for. Youll find out about it today. The switch on your ceiling fans side is capable of changing the direction of the fans blades from clockwise to counterclockwise. Then, you might be wondering now what direction can make your room cooler? It is no other than counterclockwise.

Put some Awnings on your Windows Directly Hit by the Sunlight

You can make sure that heat will no longer bother you for good by putting some awnings to your homes windows facing east and west. As you reduce the rooms direct exposure to the sunlight and by providing a constant shade for it, rooms will be cooler for longer.

Ventilate during Nighttime

To maintain the freshness and the coolness of the inside air, attempt ventilating with your fans in the evening. Put fans in strategic areas inside the room full of stuffy or stale air. You can also open a window to promote better air flow. It will maintain the crisp and clean indoor air as it also keeps the low temperature in the peak of summer.

Plant a Shade Tree

Even though it does not offer an outright remedy, one of the easiest ways to remain cool (aside from using your air conditioner, of course) is to plant a tree. Plant a tree of moderate size within your property and enjoy a reduction in your electric bill from a natural source of shade. Just make sure its roots are safely away from your homes foundation and plant it facing either the west or the east. It is a strategic position for your tree to face where the sun sets or rises.

Seal your Air Conditioners Ducts

Is the cool air inside your home escaping outside? An excellent seasonal air conditioner maintenance procedure in the summer necessitates a monthly cleaning of the air conditioners filter. You can also include an A/C duct cleaning, and seal your air conditioners ducts to avoid having a leaky vent.

Have the phone number of a 24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair Expert Handy at all times

You never know when trouble strikes. Save yourself from the nightmare of having to wake up sweaty and all in the dead of the night by having the phone number of a 24-hour air conditioner repair expert handy. After all, you have no idea when your air conditioner will break down. Preparation is your only recourse to avoid such a nightmare.


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