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3 Ways To Determine The Best Free Classified Sites

With the rise in the demand for free classified ads for real estate, known as clasificados gratis in Spanish, hundreds of sites for this specific need started to emerge. Some are legitimate. They were truly helpful in finding the right buyers for properties on the list. Others are not genuine. Instead of being able to meet the needs of their subscribers, they have only wasted the precious time of both the seller and the buyer.

How can one determine then which site would be beneficial for his real estate business? The best free classified sites should possess the following qualities:

1. Good traffic. A real estate business depends heavily on the surge of visitors to the site. The more visitors that come, the higher the probability of finding the correct client, closing the deal and earning profits. Good traffic is dependent on these factors:

a. Trustworthiness. Customer satisfaction remains the most important consideration. The word of mouth type of advertising applies even to online business transactions. When the needs of the customers are met, the tendency is to return to the site and bring others with him. Just by the mere mention of the name of the site in a social media account can boost its popularity, as there are many people who can be reached through that channel.

b. Ease of use. If the site is user friendly, both to the client and the visitors, then it would not be surprising if it becomes popular among clients. What are the things that the clients are looking for? Here are some of them:

b.i. The sign up process should not be difficult.
b.ii. The page itself should be organized. The visitors should be able to find what they are looking for in the least possible time. This means the site has an easy search engine.
b.iii. The layout throughout the pages should be consistent to make it easier for the client to become familiar with the whole site.
b.iv. The pages should be fast-loading, too. A page that takes more than 20 seconds to load would lead to lesser number of visitors.

c. Quality. No matter how beautiful the site is but if it is of poor or cheap quality, chances are the visitors will not come. Although these sites are free, still it is expected that the quality is not compromised.

2. SEO friendly. Reputable classified ads sites provide some SEO keywords to their clients. This drives numerous visitors to the site. However, it is not just about the number of visitors. More importantly, the demographic is right. It simply means that the visitors who are in the site are real potential buyers looking for those specific qualities that the realtor may be offering. It filters the visitors according to the properties being sold. This helps save time again, both for the seller and buyer.

3. Good appearance and functionality. It cannot be denied that looks do count. People are attracted to beautiful things, free classified ads site included. It must be visually appealing yet at the same time, looks polished and professional.

There should be good use of color and correct font size (friendly to the eyes). It must be filled with meaningful graphics and quality photographs, too. At the same time, simplicity should be maintained. Typos, incorrect use of punctuations and wrong grammar are eyesores, too. They should be avoided as much as possible.

Alongside with good appearance, everything on the site should be functional. Hyperlinks, site search, contact forms and other client needs should work as designed.

When these qualities are present, then the site could be included in the list of best free classified sites.


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