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Choosing Sustainable Timber Supplies In Melbourne

No beauty exceeds that of natural timber. If you have always desired to use wood in your home but have concerns about the environmental impact it may have, you need not worry any more. Australias timber industry is becoming increasingly sustainable. The following are some things that you should understand about sustainable timber.

What Is Sustainable Timber?

Sustainable timber is wood that has been harvested responsibly. Responsible harvesting refers to the situation whereby cutting down one tree is immediately followed by the planting of another one in its place.

However, sustainable harvesting is more than simply planting additional trees and replacing the ones cut down. It also involves ensuring that no damage occurs to the surrounding environment or to the native flora and fauna. For timber to be categorized as sustainable, it must come from an Australian forest certified as being sustainable.

You can find sustainable timber as either hardwood or softwood and is available in a huge variety of species. Bamboo, though technically being a grass is regarded as a sustainable hardwood since it grows quite fast thus making it renewable.

Ensuring That The Timber You Buy Is Sustainable

When buying sustainable timber, the last thing that you would is choosing timber that is actually not certified. You can make sure that this does not happen by opting to buy timber and timber supplies that have been certified by a respected institution. Good Environmental Choice and EcoSelect are good examples of such organizations in Australia. Internationally, the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, and the Forest Stewardship Council are good examples of such organizations.

Using Sustainable Timber Supplies

The attractiveness of using sustainable timber as opposed to virgin timber is that you get to harness the natural beauty of wood both within and out of your home without having to worry about environmental degradation. You can use sustainable timber in the same way as you would do regular timber as well as for similar applications. Some of the ideas for using sustainable timber supplies include:

  • As decking
  • As benchtops
  • As flooring both floating and structural
  • As exposed columns or beams
  • As staircases
  • As structural support timber
  • As furniture or cabinetry
  • As windows or doors


Based on the information provided in this article, it is quite clear that using sustainable timber supplies is the way to go if you care about the environment. It works in exactly the same way as regular timber, and if you are not currently using sustainable timber supplies, it is now time to start doing so.


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