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Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories can be functional and fun but most often, they are placed in gardens for their charm. From ceramic statues to expensive gazebos, we just can't seem to get enough of them. For instance, a garden cart can hold a watering can and hand tools, or it can be used as a garden end table, or placed in an outdoor setting for visual appeal.

Garden accessories don't have to be functional. Statues give style to a garden, while fountains and waterfalls create mystical water sounds. How about do it yourself ponds with live fish? Garden structures such as arches and gates create entry ways or exits. Windmills and water wheels add movement. Yet, tables, chairs, and umbrellas are functional and are physically inviting and add comfort. I really like those sundials and bird baths for the garden. It helps to invite nature into your garden and adds a unique look.

The beauty about garden accessories is that they don't have to meet the same standards as indoor home decor. This helps artists and designers alike to change their ideas when stylizing and designing for their gardens. If you feel like painting a design on an outdoor piece or putting together a mosaic table top, make it for outdoor use. For my garden, that is in located in the my front yard, I placed an address plaque and metal watering can inside an outdoor cart. I found a store that sells outdoor address plaques. The watering can I painted myself with a white paint base. Then, I painted flowers with bright color paints around the watering can. Next, I sprayed the can with a clear coat matte finish to keep it looking bright. Once again, I repeated the process. Finally, I sprayed a final coat of clear lacquer for the finishing touch.

Today, the watering can and address plaque look pretty close to how I originally left them. They have been outside in the same spot for many years now with plants growing around them. This may seem unimportant and insignificant to some, but it has been a rewarding experience to me. I took the time to add that special, personal touch to some garden accents. Travel around to your neighbors and friends houses to see what they have. Magazines can also be another great source for ideas. So, don't be afraid to get creative with your garden accents. You will probably amaze yourself!


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