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How You Can Improve Your Existing Home Security System

Due to a high number of break-ins and burglary, home surveillance is more needed today than it was ever before. Most people, in spite of having a good home surveillance system, dont get full proof protection. Improper installation and setup are primary factors that directly affect the overall efficiency of a surveillance system. Thats why if you are vigilant and read about these factors, you would be able to protect yourself and get the most out of your existing surveillance system.

Set hidden wireless cameras at the right place Whenever you install cameras, make sure that it covers your entire house. For that, study the area covered by each camera and install them in such a way that you use a fewer number of cameras to cover your house. Overdoing isnt a good practice neither in surveillance nor in anything else. If you spend some time to figure this out, it would save you both time and money in future.

Get the right Motion Sensors with right sensitivity Nowadays, most of the companies that sell home surveillance kits include basic motion-sensors. But if you can shell out more money, consider getting a high-end motion sensor. Without motion sensors, your camera wont be able to capture smart footage. Therefore, paying extra here can pay for itself by taking your home security to the next level.

Reduce False Alarms False alarm is one of the leading reasons why people do away with their home security systems. There are some simple steps that you can take to drastically reduce false alarms.1. Close the doors etc properly before turning on the system. 2. Train all the users including babysitters if applicable. Not training users accounts for most of the false alarms.3. Communicate to everyone about any change in the pass code, and insist them on remembering it. There are some other causes too, like acts of nature etc. but since they occur rarely, you can ignore them.

Maintain the system well You dont have to spend a fortune in order to maintain your existing security system. Just menial tasks like replacing batteries at the right time, checking and removing obstacles around the sensor etc would do the trick. Also, it is advisable to change the pass code from time to time and make immediate changes to the authorized user list.A surveillance system is automated but like every machine it needs human care, and if you do these things right, you would be delighted to see increased efficiency of your surveillance system


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