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Real Estates and property purchases are extremely expensive affairs. Ask any property buyer, and the last thing he/she wants is to spend more money than what the proposed property is actually worth. The property in question should ideally be worth as much or greater than the amount of money invested by the buyer. Calculating this amount can be a very tricky affair. The amount, at times, goes beyond the actual sales value. There are many hidden costs to consider. These include transfer costs, outstanding property taxes, urgent repairs and commission to be paid to the property agent. At the end of the day, no one wants to regret buying a property in which he/she has invested his/her hard earned money.


There are certain things one needs to do to avoid getting into such an unfortunate situation. Even before considering the idea of committing oneself to buying a particular property, one has to obtain a building inspection report of the property in question. For this, one has to hire the services of a licenced builder or a qualified architect or surveyor. Including the services of a qualified pest technician will be an additional advantage.  These are professionals qualified to act as state licenced building inspectors. Any layman can spot one or two problem areas, but there will certainly be more than meets the naked eye. But these are the professionals who know exactly what to look for. They can identify the potential problem areas and ensure the necessary safeguards are in place. Click here to hire a professional building inspector.

As state above, any building inspection should be carried out by qualified professions. They are the ones with the necessary expertise, technical know-how and experience to locate potential problems areas. They also come with their own specialised equipment and tools to determine the true condition of the property. They will insure that the property in question has been thoroughly checked before issuing any inspection report.  They will also certify whether or not a particular property free from pests using modern sophisticated techniques like thermal imaging. This will also state in their building inspection report.


After the property in question has been thoroughly checked, the state licenced building inspector will issue a building inspection report. This report is a valid document stating the true condition of the property in question. On the basis of this report, the true value of the property can be ascertained. In the case of further price negotiations regarding the property in question, this report can be used as evidence. In more practical cases, this inspection report will help the buyer decide whether it is feasible to purchase the property or not. This will help the buyer take the correct decision.

Any real estate purchase, whether it is residential or commercial property, involves a great deal of investment. Any mistake will be considered a financial disaster. It would be prudent on the part of the individual to obtain a building inspection report before committing himself/herself to the purchase. It is the smartest move any property buyer can make.


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