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Retrofitting Double Glazing: An Easy Renovation For Your Home

Windows are high on the priority list when you are considering any home improvements. Upgrading and renovating windows to any home will result in an increase in energy saving and thermal comfort if this is achieved through the double glazing of windows.

The windows you have in place need not be replaced if the magnetic retrofit double glazing method is employed for the renovation. It involves the introduction of a subframe within the existing windows. This subframe helps to create an air cavity between the new glazing and old one and achieves the purpose. The sub-frame is fixed to the current window and will have steel stripping on the inner face. The new window panels can be of clear acrylic or optical grade glazing and are fixed onto a frame that has a magnetic edging. It is then a simple process of installing this panel onto the sub-frame. The magnetic edging gives a complete seal all around the glazing that allows the air gap to be completely sealed and makes it secure and airtight. The magnetic channels are continuous and will not allow any infiltration of air.

Sub-frames are made from foam PVC as this can then act as a thermal barrier between the new and old structures. The steel stripping in this PVC sub-frame does the job of ensuring magnetic adhesion. You can adjust the size of the cavity so that you get the maximum advantage, both thermally and acoustically. The use of acrylic instead of glass can give thermally efficient panels. Before the double glazing panels are retrofitted, it is quite often a practice to apply solar control films on the existing glazing, as this reduces any heat coming into the newly created air gap and can help in insulating it.

Retrofitting of double glazed windows makes for a simple solution that is easy to install and does not require any changes to be made to the structure of the existing windows. It also ensures that no changes are made to the exterior appearance of the building facade. At times, this can give rise to requiring permissions from various agencies. These panels can also be easily removed so that the glass of the old window can be cleaned.

The retrofitting work is a custom job that is specially designed to fit each window, and the installation is easy and relatively straightforward. It also does not in any way hamper the operation of windows, which can be opened as usual, when you need fresh air to be brought into the room.


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