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TLC for Your Trees

Tree care can be done by the homeowner or by the certified arborist the homeowner hires to do the job. While it may be out of the homeowner's comfort zone to do it, caring for trees can still be done. New trees or trees planted during the last three years need regular care and water to thrive. Without proper maintenance, it can lead to the tree not reaching its full potential. Without care, the tree may also be vulnerable to disease or pests.

Watering, Mulching, and Protecting
Relatively young trees must receive a weekly sprinkling of 25 gallons of water, which is equivalent to 1.5' of rainfall. It is also important to much the trees each season. To do this tree care procedure, one should use leaf compost or shredded bark and volcano mulching should be avoided. The best way to mulch is applying the 3-3-3 rule: 3' mulch in a 3' ring with a 3' space that surrounds the trunk.

Protecting trees is also important. One can do this by keeping wildlife, lawn mowers, and weed whackers away from trees. If needed, deer fencing should be installed.

A trunk guard should also be installed at the tree base to keep the treeƕs water and nutrient system from being cut. Trunk guards also shield trees from small animals like squirrels and rodents.

An essential step to care for trees is pruning, which can be certain times of the year. To remove damaged, diseased, or broken branches, the best time to do it is anytime. For structured pruning, the best time to do it is the dormant season or during winters. This is when leaves are not growing and the pruner can easily see the tree's structure.

Tree care is essential especially if the homeowner sees the need to keep trees. Trees are special. They not only give shade or fruit. They are essential elements to protect the environment.

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