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Tools Required To Decorate

Any guy or gal who loves DIY projects has to have his or her own tool box or shed filled with the necessary tools and equipment for their DIY needs. Heres a list of basic tools you need in your decorating arsenal put together from the painting professionals on - your first stop if you are in Glasgow and you need to find a house painter in Glasgow.

Screwdriver Every home should have a set of flat-head and cross-headed screwdrivers.

Utility Knife or Heavy Duty Cutter A sharp knife or cutter will be valuable when you need to cut something like a piece of rope or some wallpapers.

Claw Hammer Great for any job that needs some whacking.

Adjustable Spanners These are for tightening or loosening nuts. Smaller wrenches are handy in tight hard to reach spaces. Allen wrenches are needed for assembling furniture, especially those from Ikea or other flat pack furniture.

Cordless Drill This is perfect for your wall gallery.

Masking Tape or Painters Tape This is to keep moldings and other areas free of paint.

Tape Measure The secret for a successful decorating project is to have the right measurements. A good tape measure is a must.

Scissors Decorating may entail some cutting. Obviously, youll need a pair of scissors (the right kind) for this.

Pencil You need a pencil not only for writing down notes, making designs or jotting down measurements. You need one to make marks on any surface. Say you want to hang frames on your wall. You need to mark the exact spot where youre drilling. A pencil will do the job.

Protective Gear Dust masks, safety glasses and work gloves are necessary to protect yourself during your decorating project. Masks will keep you from breathing in dust particles while the glasses will prevent any kind of eye injury. Gloves will protect you from electrocution, scrapes and cuts and help you get a tighter grip on things.

Paint Brushes, Rollers, and Paint Trays Stock your shed with a variety of paintbrushes. These come in different sizes and hair types. Ideally, its nice to have at least one of each. You need the large brushers for large surfaces while the little ones can be used for simple arts and crafts projects for your home. You need only one (or maybe two) paint roller frame. The 9 roller frame and tray is advisable though you can get a 3 mini roller for specific painting jobs. Have some extra roller sleeves on hand, as well.

Scraper or Putty Knife The thin-bladed scraper is useful in removing chipping paint, dried up paint drops, wall paper, and any other thing that can be scraped off. You may also get a separate putty knife but a scraper can do the job as well. You may want a separate one for scraping and one for applying putty.

Sandpaper This is for smoothing walls, wooden furniture and wooden arts and crafts projects.

Dust Cloth or Dust Sheet Any kind of redecorating will be messy. A dust cloth will lessen the hassle of cleaning up especially if your DIY project involves paints.

Extendable Ladder/Step Stool This is necessary for to reach high places, of course.

There are many more decorating tools but these are the bare essentials to get you going so you can tackle that decorating job with some confidence. Good luck with your painting or decorating job.


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