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What Wooden Shutter Materials Are Good For The Environment?

When you want to be more environmentally friendly with what you use for your home, wooden shutters are a good place to begin. There are materials that take up many resources, and then there are those that are better for the planet.

Quality is important. The issue with having shutters that are not made well or that are not going to withstand use for a long time is that you will have to replace them often. This usually isn't the case with more expensive options.

When you purchase new shutters no matter what they are made of you are having an impact on the environment. Once you replace them more than once in a short period of time you are going to do far more damage than if you were to get something of high quality that lasts you a very long time.

Materials make a huge difference in how they impact the planet based on what you buy. Wooden blinds or shutters that are FSC certified are among the best. Avoid materials like PVC or anything vinyl because they have been linked to causing problems with your health and the planet.

The materials shouldn't be painted with anything that is lead-based since that can be dangerous for you to work with and it's just not good to have around when there are much better options. The lead paints were used in the past a lot, so buying used means you need to be aware of what kind of paints were used.

Used shutters are a great thing to work with if you wish to be more caring about the planetary impact you are making with how you improve your home. There are sometimes options you can find at thrift stores or there are sometimes some you can find at garage sales.

Other places to look would be online classified websites or at flea markets. Be sure that before you pay that you get a good idea of what they're made of and if they are painted through pictures if possible. Seeing them in person if you're picking them up locally is a good idea to do too.

Window coverings that help keep your home cooler in the summer and warm in the winter can actually help you to create a more green home. There are easy to follow ways to make this happen that will be discussed next.

Keeping Heat Out - Your shutters need to be closed when they are on the east, south, and west parts of your home because the north side won't get any light directly in the hotter months.

Keeping Heat From Escaping - Window coverings that are insulated are best to use to keep heat inside. Combine shutters with curtains made of thick fabric for the best results.

Wooden shutter material needs to be environmentally friendly if you wish to decrease your carbon footprint. The more you can do to go green at home, the better you feel. Plus, materials that are green are far more safe to handle and be around!

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