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What to Expect from a Lawn Care Service

A Sunnyvale lawn care service should cater to all lawn care needs. The lawn is the first thing anyone sees of a home or a business. It has to look its best because it can make the home or business inviting. A bad-looking, scraggly, or unkempt lawn will make anyone think twice about venturing forward. Lawn care and maintenance requires time and commitment, as well as adequate knowledge in order to make a lawn look its best. For this, a lot of people consider hiring professional lawn specialists to do the job. Most companies offer the following services: Fertilization This service is necessary to keep the grass healthy. Companies apply the proper fertilizers for the specific grass on the lawn, in the proper amounts and in the proper manner. A well-fertilized turf makes the lawn look marvelously vibrant in dark green. Weed control Weeds can easily overrun the turfgrass. Common ones are broadleaf weeds like dandelions, plantain and clover. Crabgrass can also infect lawns and be quite difficult to remove. Appropriate weed control must be applied to the lawn before these could rob the turfgrass of nutrition and sunlight. Weeds allowed to get out of control can turn the lawn into an unattractive weed garden. Pest control Aside from weed problems, pests are also a concern in lawn maintenance. Grubs, in particular, can do a lot of damage to the lawn grass. These grubs eat nonstop, targeting the roots of turfgrass. This will lead to brown and damaged areas on the lawn. Aeration This is very important to keep the turfgrass growing healthy and the lawn looking lovely and vibrant. Aeration is more than simply digging up the lawn. This requires skill and knowledge in order to get air, nutrients and water circulating well all over the turf and penetrating deep into the grass root systems for good growth. This lawn care service is best left to skilled professionals. Skilled professionals can be found here at


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