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Will Property Prices Continue To Increase In The Uk?

There are many properties in Bath, UK that are up for sale. But before anything else, you need to see how the property market is throughout the years and its current trend to understand if today is the best time to purchase a house in Bath, UK. Or if you should wait awhile before buying any property.

If you look at the Bath property market, you would notice that it has been in an increasing trend for several reasons. Last year, it has continuously increased by 1% 5%. This is actually a large increase considering the prices of the properties in Bath, UK. But this increase has slowed down since the start of 2015.

The value of the properties in Bath, UK is still increasing but the gap between the prices and the salary ranges of the population has decreased. But this will not hinder in the increasing trend of the property market. Prices may continue to increase, even at a slow pace.

Currently, the low number of properties in Bath, UK that are up for sale actually impacts the slow pace of the inflation rate. Also, the types of properties, available location in Bath and the kinds of houses themselves have a hand at the slow increase in the prices. Terraced houses have the highest inflation rate while detached houses have the lowest rise in prices.

This shows that the taste of the market varies from period to period. And the market or the buyers preferences greatly impact the price increase or decrease for specific types of properties.

There are other factors that impact the increase or decrease of property costs in Bath, UK.

  • Economic growth
    As mentioned above, the gap between the value of the properties and the salary of the buyers have lessened. And with the increase in salary, the demand may also increase. And because the demand increases, the prices may also increase.
  • Unemployment and employment rate
    Relating to economic growth, unemployment and employment rates show how a specific property market may survive. Higher unemployment rates indicate a higher population count without purchasing power.
  • Interest rates
    The interest rate is a factor when checking for mortgage plans. Currently, the interest rate in Bath is considerably better than most locations.
  • Consumer confidence
    This is the confidence of the population in dabbling in the property market.
  • Mortgage availability
    The availability of mortgage plans for the consumers is a great factor in the property market. If theres no available mortgage plan convenient enough for the buyers then theres a lower chance of purchases.
  • Supply
    And of course, if theres no supply, there would be nothing to buy.

With all of these factors to consider, you can envision whether the property market in Bath, UK will continue to thrive and show an increase property prices.


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