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Calgary Landscaping Companies, Take These Steps Before Hiring Landscaping Company.

Are you a resident in Calgary and you desire to have landscape at your home or business? When looking up Calgary landscaping companies, are you of the opinion that you have found a competent landscaping company that is trusted and will be able to do the work? Before you sign any agreement with any landscaping, make sure that you go through these steps.

Recent projects When you want to hire any landscaping company ask about their past or recent projects. A competent company will have their portfolio with them to show you. Take note of their set-up, style and preferred theme. Ask yourself sincerely; do you find their work attractive? Does their style go in line with your envisions? Whats the concept of their design? The primary role of that design from the company is to have the same concept that you desire.

Detailed Quotes Dont accept any verbal quotes. All estimates should be in black and white, with a break- down of what they will offer and how much each item to be used will cost. (Materials and workmanship)

You want to know how much you will spend, and estimated time it will take for the company to finish the job. It is possible that you may not have access to some parts of your house for a period of time and want to be able to plan accordingly.

References The strategy is this, tell any potential landscaping company to give at least three references. If any company can supply you their references, it signifies that they are confident enough in their past work. Any company that upset its former customers would never supply their references.

Clearer Pictures Sketch, draw or get pictures of the type of design you want your landscape to look like and show it to your landscaping company. You can get photos online, cut pictures from magazines or taken picture of those you have seen somewhere. Show you landscaper the pictures and explain that this is what you want them to design for you. Let them reassure you that they would be able to do what you need done.

Payment Terms A competent landscaping company will never ask you to pay all the money in the beginning. It is good if they ask for some down payment of the total amount to be paid after the project has been completed. Let it be in your written agreement that your payment would be in stages. The stages will depend on the break-down of the project. Write them check at the completion of a stage.

If Your Fridge Does Not Stay Cool

Any appliance repair should it be, refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair and so on can be expensive. Therefore, if we can save money, it should be looked into before scheduling an appliance repair company to call and charge for parts and repairs.

A refrigerator is arguably one of the most used appliances in your home, these days it is something we can't live without and would not want to. Based on the above comment, we should check the top three items which when not working as they should cause your refrigerator not to stay cold.

The Temperature Control

The cold temperature control is a switch that supplies power to the fan circuits and compressor in the fridge. If the fans circuits and compressor are intermittent, then the cold temperature control may be defective. In this case, it is necessary to check if the sensing bulb or the capillary tube has moved or is out of position or damaged and that the wire terminals are not corroded or broken. For reasons of safety remember, you need to turn off the power from the appliance to perform this inspection.

Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor is behind the evaporator cover. Its primary function is to send the cold air through the refrigerator as long as the compressor is working. The fridge may not stay cold if this fan is defective. To troubleshoot the problem, remove the evaporator fan cover and check to see if the fan blade is attached securely. If the fan and motor appear healthy, the next thing you need to check is that enough power is being delivered to these two components when the compressor is running. Again for safety reasons remember to turn off the power from the appliance to perform this inspection.

Electronic Control Board

Some refrigerator models have control boards which are electronic. Temperature sensors are connected to this control board to check temperatures in the freezer compartments. If the temperature in your fridge is not cold, the chances are that the control board could be at fault. Electronic control boards are very complicated to understand. So before you conclude that it is the control board not keeping your fridge cold, you need first to check every one of the other components in your fridge are they all in good working order?

If the above is a bit too technical for you, then the right idea is to go to YouTube, put in any of the above headings and a video will show and tell you exactly how to carry out the checks required.

Fault finding problems are not for everyone for whatever reason; the alternative is to contact a local appliance repair contractor to help with fixing the problem.

Not all home appliance repair contractors live up to your expectations, so do some necessary checks before hiring. Ask as many questions as you need to, for example, what are guarantees and call out charges. If you give the company concerned the go-ahead for the repair is the call out charge taken from the final bill? When can they schedule an appointment, can they call outside of office hours if required or any other question you may need to know.

Be fair and give the appliance repair company as much information as possible, make, model, the year if known, serial number, what is the machine doing or not doing as it should.

Things To Know About A Single-family Detached Home

Have you been scouting for house and land packages in Perth? There are so many different types of house and land packages out in the market, particularly in the major cities like Perth. With such variety of house construction companies, you are spoilt for choice. Have you ever considered purchasing or renting a single-family detached home?

Here are a few things you will want and need to know about this kind of house:

It is also known as single-family home or detached house. It is also known for quite a variety of terms like the single-detached dwelling or separate house. As such, it is a residential building that is free-standing. In most single-family homes, there are surrounding areas in the house like a garden and a garage. In an earlier time wherein single-family detached homes are made, gardens and garages are detached. As such, they stand as a separate building. They are usually either near a driveway. When in urban areas, however, they face an alley.

Single-family detached homes are ideal for members of a single family. Or, the residents can be a single party of people. Other equivalents of single-family homes are:

  1. Apartment complexes
  2. Condominiums
  3. Duplexes
  4. Semi-detached houses
  5. Terrace houses
  6. Townhouses

There are pros and cons to single-detached homes. One of the advantages is that the whole space around the building is exclusive to the owner and the family. In utmost cases, more rooms in an existing house may be added if needed. Property management fees are not necessary like the ones being paid when living in a condominium or in a townhouse.

As for the disadvantages, the maintenance and repair expenses will be shouldered by no other than the owner. Usually, there is not a lot of amenities like pools and playgrounds. Landscaping and lawn upkeeping may be costly too.

Here are a few rooms that are usually in a single-detached house:

Lounge room

Usually, it is the largest room of the house. This is where everyone can relax and entertain guests.

Great room

Traditional room spaces are combined altogether in this room. It may include the family room, the living room, and the study room


This is where the food is prepared. Other kinds of single-family detached homes even have eat-in kitchens. This is the same place where food is prepared and eaten by the family.


This is the place to sleep, there could be one or even more.


It may contain a bath tub and a shower, combined with a sink or wash basin.

Other houses may also feature a dining room, family room, front room, laundry room and study room.

Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum; Which One To Buy?

All the dust that you clean up with your vacuum cleaner has to go somewhere and in most cases, it gets accumulated in a bag. If you are planning to buy a canister vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner, then you’ll go through the dilemma of deciding to choose from a bagged one or a bagless one.

To be honest, you can simply not claim one to be better than the other as the decision simply depends on the choice and the convenience of the buyers. Other factors such as the garbage system, allergy and ease of use also count. Though, in order to make your decision easier, we can help you along by giving you a detailed overview of each type of vacuum cleaner and how it works.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

The bagged vacuum cleaners simply have a bag attached to them. After cleaning up, all the suctioned dirt and debris gets accumulated in the bag. Once the bag is full, the user simply disposes it by throwing it away and replacing it with another disposable one. The whole process is simple enough and has with the following pros and cons;


  • When you go out to get rid of the bag, all you have to do is throw it in the garbage bin without getting your hands or your face dirty. There is no fear of spilling its contents too so you don’t have to worry about the dust mites attacking you. In short, this does not create any mess.
  • When you change the bag, you are getting rid of all the accumulated dirt, which means that you are cleaning the whole vacuum cleaner on a daily basis. This helps in increasing its durability.
  • Most authentic vacuum cleaners have High Frequency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters in addition to the bags’ own filters which makes the system a better cleaning mechanism overall.


  • All those changeable bags do not come or free; so, as long as you own this vacuum cleaner, you will be paying for the bags which need regular changing.
  • As soon as the bag gets full, it immediately affects the suction system of the cleaner which in turn, affects its efficiency.

Bagless vacuum

As the name suggests, these kinds of vacuum cleaners have no bags in it; they just have a large bucket, of sorts. They have the following pros and cons;


  • No need to spend on buying bags every month. They simply contain buckets and can be emptied and washed repeatedly before reusing them again and again.
  • These chambers are see-through which allows users can see how much of it has filled while cleaning. It also helps you determine whether the machine is working or not.


  • Cleaning these chambers might get a bit messy. When the chamber is emptied in the trashcan, the dust mites gets everywhere and it might be a significant risk for allergic housemates to bear.
  • While there is no bag for replacement, it does have a filter that needs changing quite frequently, which eventually makes it a costly process.

So, the answer is quite simple; buy the one you think is best for you and your family and would require the least effort on your part.