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Guidelines In Looking For Commercial Property For Rent In The Uk

Searching for a commercial property for rent in the UK can be a daunting task for any business owner. Nevertheless, many would still prefer to rent an establishment rather than to purchase a piece of property and commit their whole lives to its management and maintenance. Fortunately, the value of commercial property has already stabilized in the recent years and has become a reliable investment. There are many things that you will have to consider before you decide on the final property that you will rent. After all, it will need to suit and complement the specific needs of your business. Listed below are a few important guidelines for you to consider in choosing a commercial property for rent with Barker Storey Matthews.

Location is Key

Undoubtedly, the actual location of the property that you are considering is of utmost importance. If you need to reach a large number of clients, it would be best to choose a place that is easily accessible. Businesses centering on retail, food and beverages, etc. would likewise need a location that offers heavy customer footfall. Meanwhile, a business concerned with distribution would need a location that offers easy traffic flow. It would also need to be within easy access to necessary transport links such as roads, buses, airports, and trains. Likewise, if you are planning to create a business that will require heavy manpower, you will need an office space that will be convenient for commuting workers.

Space and Property Layout

As previously stated, the number of employees that you will be having onsite is an important consideration when it comes to choosing your property. You must choose a space that can easily accommodate your desired staff number as well as a few necessary machines. You must also look to the future and consider any possible expansions that you might encounter as your business grows. If you do not want to give up a prime location in favor of expanding the office space, you might consider adopting an open floorplan layout in order to save space.

Condition of the Property

Before you even decide to put down a deposit on your potential property, you should take the time to inspect the premises and the overall condition of space. Although you will not be living as a permanent resident in the rented property, you and your employees will still be spending a considerable amount of time indoors. You should therefore ensure that the property is not compromised by common property issues such as molds, cracks, termites, plumbing and electricity issues, lack of broadband internet access and others. If you think that you will need to make considerable alterations to the layout of your rented space, you should make sure to get permission from your landlord beforehand. Remember that you are merely borrowing the space for the meantime and you will still need to answer to his or her rules and regulations.

Employee Needs and Satisfaction

Although employees need an office that is easy to commute to, another way to keep staff morale high is by having a space that is close to places where they could unwind. For example, an office that is near a mall, restaurants, cafes, or groceries would make an ideal location. Similarly, a rented space that provides ample in-house amenities such as a pantry, lunge or library would help the employees feel more at home. They would also allow the workers to recharge during the day and feel more motivated to work until the end of their shift.

Completely Random Things You Probably Didn't Know About Chandler Arizona

Named after a Canadian Animal Doctor?

Canadian. Doctor AJ Chandler was a vet (not the military kind)who moved to the Chandler area in 1891. Doctor Chandler was born in the Province of Quebec, in Canada. Chandler was founded in 1912. (kind of fitting since doctors love golf courses and the Phoenix area is home to over 200 courses). Architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Dr. A.J. Chandler drew up plans for a second San Marcos Resort in 1930, "San Marcos in the Desert," but the resort was never was built due to the Great Depression

Home to More Outsiders Than Insiders?

Chandler and the surrounding areas are home to more people from OUTSIDE Arizona than only two other major cities (Miami and Las Vegas). Most folks from Chandler, dont come from Chandler. Fancy to live in Chandler? Learn about your options to rent or buy a home in Chandler here. Own a home you want to rent out? Here is one option for property management in Chandler that offers free quotes.

Tumbleweed Christmas Tree?

Burning Man has nothing on Chandler. For more than 50 years, the tradition of creating a huge tumbleweed tree has led to approximately 2000 tumbleweeds being tied together and decorating the tree with more than 65 lbs of glitter, 1200 lights, and 25 lbs of colored paint. Weird Christmas tree eh?

Drinking Wells Are The Way To Wet Your Whistle

Chandlers water comes from 22 wells. Chandlers Erie well has produced approximately 8 and a half billion gallons of drinking water. The oldest well in Chandler, the Erie has been operating since the late 1940s. Thats a LOT of well water. The gray water produced by Chandler high-tech companies like Intel, provides the water for all the lakes of Ocotillo.

Obscure Celebrities (They Wont Be Happy To Hear That)

Several lesser known celebrities are from Chandler, AZ,

- Rapper Ice-T
- WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels
- NFL players Brian Urlacher and Donovan Mcnabb
- NBA Phoenix Suns Channing Frye

Historical Landmarks

Chandler is home to a few historical landmarks:

- First National Bank, founded in 1920

- Espinozas Food Center, open since 1957

- The F-86 Sabre, one of the USAFs first ever fighter jets

- The McCullough-Price House, now a museum

Crazy Carls Crematorium. Say That Fast 5 Times.

Crazy Carl opened a Crematorium. And yes, the citys crematorium is actually named Crazy Carls Crematorium. Say that fast five times.

The Ostrich Festival

This rodeo festival features carnival rides, food, and riders racing on the backs of ostriches. The Ostrich Festival happens each March, and has been going strong for 26 years.

Anyone For The Heart Attack Grill?

The hospital themed restaurant is staffed by waitresses wearing sexy nurse uniforms, and they take orders with a prescription pad for heart clogging food. Now operating from Las Vegas, NV, the Heart Attack Grill offers every type of unhealthy food one can imagine, offering discounts to morbidly obese people who can eat. The owner claims hes trying to save people. Sure.